15 Kids

Chefs Kids Party Package includes:

  • Birthday Party invites

  • Party Host - in the convenience of your home or chosen venue

  • 2.5 HRS of entertainment & food prep w kids

  • Food-related Game (time permitting)

  • 1 choice from savoury item list menu

  • 1 choice from dessert item list menu

  • 1 choice from drinks item list menu

  • ‘Kids Love to Cook’ Aprons (for use of the party only)

  • Paper Chef’s Hats (1 per child)

  • Gift for the Birthday Child (cooking themed)

Please Note:
*max 15 kids (additional $40 pp)
**Due to Sunday penalty rates, all Sunday events attract a $120.00 surcharge.

$250 DEPOSIT / $950 TOTAL

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Terms and Conditions

1. We offer classes for children aged 6-9 years and 9-15 years.

2. Our classes are scheduled from 60 minutes to 3 hours, depending on children’s ages and type of event, and broken into several segments to ensure the children stay interested, but have enough time to learn and cook (and clean up)!

3. Class sizes are strictly limited to 12-24 children, dependant upon the type of event. These numbers are set in order to provide all students with the creative space to explore in a safe and controlled environment.

5. All children are required to wear closed-in shoes.

6. Please provide your child with a plastic container if you would like them to bring home a sample of their cooked goodies. We do not provide containers.

7. Each class is staffed by at least one presenter and one assistant. All staff have completed the paid “Working with Children”, NSW police check in accordance with the NSW Office of Communities -Office of the Children’s Guardian.

8. Specific themes and recipes are advertised on our web site relating to each class. Themes change per term, and are often determined by the interests of current students. Recipes may be subject to change without notice due to resource and product availability, and/or safety concerns. A similar recipe will be substituted in the event of a recipe change. Refunds will NOT be given in the case of a recipe being substituted. Food Intolerances / Allergies / Special Diets

9. Food intolerances and allergies, vegetarians and Halal diets can be catered for. If your child has specific requirements, please indicate their needs at the time of booking. We are more than happy to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your child is adequately catered for.

10. If your child has a known severe allergy, we may request that an experienced parent/caregiver remain with the child for the duration of the class, or nearby, to ensure they are safe. Pricing and Make Up Lessons

11. Cooking class prices are stated on the current web page and need to be paid in full prior to the scheduled class.

12. Make up classes can be taken at another class, or a holiday session may be offered, if more than 4 hours’ notice is given.

13. If less than 4 hours’ notice of non-attendance is given, the class is forfeited. We do understand that children may become unwell throughout the day, however, preparation by staff throughout the day, based on a set number of students.

14. NDIS participants are required to book their child in using the online method. Agencies can be invoiced by our office. Please forward the booking confirmation email to our office at info@kidslovetocook.com.au Safety

15. The utmost of care is taken and students are taught safety procedures at the commencement of each class. Risk management strategies are built into each workshop and students are provided knives at their level of expertise.

16. No staff member or volunteer will be held responsible for any injury sustained whilst in our care at Kids Love to Cook events. Parents who enrol their children in any Kids Love to Cook classes, do so with the understanding that the use of sharp implements are used during some lessons. Personal Belongings.

17. Students are provided all the ingredients, equipment and aprons.

18. Any personal equipment that is brought into the workshop space, remains the responsibility of the owner. This includes all technology and phones and drink bottles. Photo Images

19. Sometimes our staff take photos of a child completing a task. Usually this does not include a headshot. If we take a photo of your child’s face, we will ask permission from the parent and the child prior to taking the photo. Written permission is required from the parent and the child if we use an image that will be published on a social media platform. If you require this image to be removed at a future date, we are very happy to do this. We will aim to do this within a 6 hour period.